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This is ME
Too focused creating a stage character that your true self gets lost?

• Discover ways to create different view of you
Have fun doing activities developed for the performing artist

This workshop gives you a structure to create your unique real-life self character.              

Positively Habit Forming
Ever wonder how your thoughts affect your behavior?

Forming new habits is easier with a script of positive self-talk.

A participatory workshop where you will:
Find tips for forming a lasting new habit
Create your unique positive self-talk script

Introducing Informational Interviewing
Uncertain of your next step in your job search?

signs-This-Way-That-Way-pointing-opposite-directionsWondering what industry, and which jobs in that industry you want to pursue?    Informational interviewing is a vital tool just for that.  And, it is a tool to help you be more strategic in your job search. 

At this participatory workshop you will:
• Understand the purpose of an informational interview
Learn how to prepare for an informational interview


Goals to Game Plans to Grins
Want to bring a smile of accomplishment to your child’s face?

Sometimes exploring the world of work feels overwhelming.  Plus, breaking down barriers of a ‘disability’ label often gets frustrating. 



Go from feeling discouraged
to feeling enthusiastic about finding
realistic options for your child’s ambition.

Come to this participatory workshop, find tips to:
 Navigate a career path
 Create an action plan
 Maintain momentum

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