Coaching For You


Interview with Creative Coach
Arona Fay Roshal     

Prospective client:  What’s so good about coaching?
Arona:  It’s fun and motivating.
A coach will help you put your goals in realistic and measurable terms.  You can count on me to propel you forward, encourage you, and keep you motivated.

Prospective client:  How exactly does this collaborative process work?
Arona: Well, as your guide, rather than giving you answers, I ask you questions and offer suggestions so that you learn to better trust yourself.  You become more confident as you discover your own solutions.
The best part of working with me is that I will have you believing in yourself and shouting “I know I can” “I know I can”.    

Prospective client:  How can I contact you if I have more questions or want to set up an appointment?
Arona:  Schedule an appointment
You can call me at 651-699-2275.
People using a TTY, please use your state relay system.
And, you can read FAQs.

Prospective client:  Can I talk to any of your clients to get more information?
Arona: Because of confidentiality, talking directly to my current or past clients is not an option.  Rave reviews are comments from my clientsTo maintain confidentiality only initials and the place of residence identify clients.