Meet Arona Fay Roshal



       Arona is known for:
    Patience, honesty,
   contagious enthusiasm,
   motivating you.


hat questions do you have for me?

What makes you a good coach?
By asking direct thought provoking questions, this helps you quickly get to the core of the matter.

In addition to asking thought provoking questions, what else makes you a good coach?
My honesty and my ability to realistically encourage others.  

Anything else?
I will encourage you to use your strengths. 

Also, I can serve as a good sounding board to help you clarify priorities, stay motivated, believe in yourself, and make measurable changes.

How have you used your creative skills?
Teaching a creative dramatics class in a juvenile detention center was both challenging and fun.

As a member of the season planning committee at TRP (Theatre in the Round Players), a Minneapolis, Minnesota community theater, reading over a dozen scripts each year calls on my critical, creative, and collaborative skills. 

Creating group choreography was exhilarating; whether I was working with children who would perform at holiday celebrations, or collaborating with dancers and my co-director of Nirkodna, an Israeli folk dance performance group.

What do you do for fun?


Making snow angels is a great winter activity that makes me laugh.


Learning new Israeli folk dances is aArona-leading-Israeli-folk-dance-line-at-MN-State-Fair
year-round cultural, 
social, and aerobic activity.  Unfortunately, due to
sprained ankle, I am no longer able to participate.


Have you always lived in the Midwest?
Born and raised in Rogers Park, a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois USA.  My husband and I live in Highland Park, a neighborhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA.

How can I learn more about you and All About You Coaching?
Call me at 651-699-2275 to schedule a FREE preview session for you to experience the benefits of working with me.
People using a TTY, please use your state relay system.

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