Tips – Create Your Personal Self-Talk Script

Create Your Own Positive Self-Talk Script

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• Train your brain
    • Practice positive thinking 
    • Engage  your senses

Can you think of times when you talked yourself into doing something or successfully talked yourself out of doing something?  

What did you say to yourself that prevented you from taking action?  What did you tell yourself that propelled you into action?

Self-talk:  inner monologue or dialogue with myself inside my head. 

Changing your inner dialogue or self-talk monologue takes practice.  
Some ideas for letting positive thinking and positive self-talk became a habit: 
      ☼ Start and end your day recalling one positive thing that happened during the last 24 hours   
       ☼ Post an image, or a word, or an object to serve as a reminder to view situations from different perspectives   
       ☼ Be aware of what you tell yourself    
        ☼ Ask yourself if you are aiming to avoid X or aiming to reach X 
        ☼ Breathe   
        ☼ Laugh 

Here is a quick tool to aid in training your brain to have a positive perspective.Find a time every day to complete these sentences:   
              Today I am grateful for _______________. 
               I am thankful that yesterday ________________.   
               Tomorrow I look forward to __________________. 

As you filled in each sentence, what was your inner self-talk? 

Try this daily for one week and notice if your self-talk script changes.

Engage your senses to create a positive mind set.  
What sensory activities contribute to your positive thinking? 
Here are some ideas to get you started on your list: 
          Listening to music 
           Finger painting 
           Building a snow fort 
           Ice Skating 
           Building sand castles 
           Playing Ping Pong

Does mind over matter really work, or is it simply a nice saying?

According to this brief article from Mayo Clinic, “Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health.”

What you think does affect how you act. Think one positive thought a day; see how it changes your behavior.

Resources for you
Want to learn more ways to create positive thinking? Check these resources:

The happy secret to better work | Video on February 2012
Based on his research and experience at Harvard, Shawn Achor humorously describes how the happiness advantage can lead to success

Web site for Dr. Dale Anderson’s Act Happy program – has tip sheets on how to use your own natural inner pharmacy to create happiness for “the health of it”

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business by Charles Duhigg, Random House 2012 and Charles Duhigg’s website – has his step-by-step guide to change habits